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What is Cellular Resonance Technique?

C.R.T. helps the practitioner and patient to get out of stuck survival mode physiology and into the body, mind and soul’s natural healing relaxation physiology.

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human physical material experience. You can’t leave any part of who and what you are out of the health, happiness and success healing puzzle. This is why C.R.T. is such a safe, effective and powerful protocol that treats the whole body/person and identifies and treats the actual causes, rather than treating symptoms or conditions.

C.R.T. works by giving the practitioner the tools to determine the causative survival stress interference, and touch specific points on the body to repolarize, resynchronize and restore cellular resonance, which is the cell to soul energy communication between the brain, nervous system, organs, glands, and all other tissues of the body.

What is CRT?

Cellular Resonance Technique (C.R.T.) and Cellular Resonance Healing is a clinically-proven evidence-based protocol researched and developed by Dr. Doug Lehrer. C.R.T. is based on the scientific principles of neuroscience, quantum physics, medical physiology, embryology, neuro-immunology, neuro-endocrinology, bioenergetics and thermodynamics…

C.R.T. was innovated from the data-base of 5000-year old science, art and philosophy of oriental medicine, acupuncture, and acupressure, universal principles, ancient wisdom and complimentary alternative medicine practices including chiropractic, cranial-sacral therapy, applied kinesiology, bio-field science, physical therapy, spiritual psychology, spiritual development and the evolving of higher consciousness.

Further, Cellular Resonance Technique/Healing is both a scientific and transformational healing process that identifies, resolves and dissolves the specific causative stresses, traumas, fears, negativity and toxic interferences from the cells, subconscious mind, and soul energy fields, simultaneously.

WE Love Them
Here’s a diagram of your brain and body’s two operating system modes:

Survival and Healing

The C.R.T. practitioner facilitates getting the patient and their brain, organs, glands and systems out of the 24/7 survival stress mode, a.k.a. fight, flight or fright, survival mechanism, adrenal response, which gets inappropriately stuck ON from the embedded stress patterns and subconscious memory programming.

Thus, the C.R.T. practitioner helps the person to reestablish relaxed total cell communication and balance the body and energy field’s vibrational pulsations or life force pulses to improve cell to cell to soul communication.


The C.R.T. protocol is similar to defragging and rebooting your computer, updating the outdated software, adding RAM memory and running a virus clearing program.

Thus, C.R.T. protocol helps the practitioner and the patient to find, dissolve, delete and clear the causative SURVIVAL stress patterns or corrupt stress, trauma, toxic and negativity software data permanently from the hard-drive brain, body and energy fields.

When all cells are attuned and harmonized together, they communicate “appropriately” and the primary information that made the body is reestablished to activate innate self-healing and restore cellular functions toward optimal health.

The result is the body can now optimally rejuvenate, burn fat, tone muscles, energize, sleep deeply, with the brain clear and focused, calmer, more relaxed, positive, happy and aligned with a higher purpose, passion and prosperity, potentially.

Once the C.R.T. practitioner gets the causative stress patterns cleared out, getting the patient out of 24/7 survival mode, the body begins to heal a day at a time. How cool is that!? All a person must do at this point is not interfere with their mind, choices and decisions and take a more conscious and aware stance in their lifelong healing journey each day.

Of course, many people realize it’s great to continue regular C.R.T. sessions to deal with new stresses as they arise to resolve other fears, behaviors and perceptions… and to attune more greatly to their heart, be a better mother or father, connect deeper to their soul’s purpose and inner guidance… and to expand their levels of health, happiness, success, and prosperity consciousness.

To sum it up in a few words, Cellular Resonance Healing Technique is Transformational MedicineTM and Here’s why…

Dr. Doug Lehrer has performed over 500,000 healing sessions and helped over 18,000 patients/clients to self-heal most any condition you can name transforming their bodies and most every aspect of their lives.

Ready to heal and transform and take a giant leap in your own health, happiness, relationships and success?

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