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Discover how to treat & resolve primary causes of specific health conditions. Besides learning about CRT, you will also be given a unique diet and lifestyle routine-right for you.

Exclusive CRT Appointment with Dr. Doug

Experience this life changing technique through the hands of Dr. Doug at his Los Angeles location.

Radical Consciousness Upgrade

Are you ready for the next level? Dr. Doug teaches you how to raise your level of consciousness & access your higher self.

Evolved Healer

Move from the wounded healer-to the healed healer. Stop the ego, resolve core wounds, learn to surrender and manifest. Develop healing Christ-Consciousness.

Total Success Reboot

Learn how to activate prosperity alignment and locate the blocks keeping you from your business goals and ultimate career success.

Relationship Detox Retreat

Are you ready for a fresh start with your partner or a potential one? Remove the emotional barriers keeping you from the true intimacy you deserve.

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