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Prostate Health with CRT & Diet

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I was in a hotel and a 50-something year old man with a big high belly stumbled into the elevator – I jokingly asked if he was drinking. To my surprise he said, “SOON, can’t have a day without my beer.” I thought quietly, if you need alcohol to get through each day, you got more than alcohol issues, you have serious physical and emotional and self-esteem health issues lurking within.

Effectively finding and resolving the root causes of alcohol (even sugar, food and other) addictions is one of the subjects of my internet show – as I’ve helped many men (and women) break addictions by getting to their individual root causes and then get really health of body, mind and spirit.

Why this is so important is that what you eat and drink affect the liver – and the liver makes 80% of all sex hormones (prostate/testicle hormones, and uterine/ovary/breast hormones). So, to improve prostate issues it’s vital to resolve “the need” and the causes behind drinking…

So, to improve prostate issues, drink less alcohol or better healthy yet, NONE at all (OK, an occasional glass of wine, but make it really good wine, I find Italian to be the healthiest!). However, you’ve got to get real with yourself, if you’re still drinking and you have prostate issues. You drink because you like it. You drink because it makes you feel good. You drink to avoid feeling bad or to take the edge off the day (still feeling bad). You drink because you’re addicted and out of control, even if you only have one or two drinks after work.

If you are to really improve your prostate and liver getting in charge of drinking is VITAL! Not just cutting down, or replacing with coffee and a cigarette. Listen, a truly happy fulfilled person doesn’t need the stimulation of alcohol, cigarettes or coffee or the suppression of emotions which they create. Chemical stimulants shut down the body’s (liver’s) ability to detoxify the deluge of toxins we are all exposed to in our modern day life (over 50,000,000 registered chemical toxins alone, worldwide), let alone the toxic affect of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

While body/mind detoxing is a necessary step, keep in mind, a truly happy person feels good without alcohol, etc. Making excuses that “your fine” or handling everything OK are just that wounded ego’s denial trying to protect with pride, but still the same there is always a deeper problem just below the surface…

However, all pride and/or denial is a living death sentence, stealing away years before you die and from those around you whom you affect and love you. When you really are loving to yourself and others, there is no pride needed, it’s non-existent. Pride is a cover-up for pain and an inability to be, do and have true intimacy.

Whether you drink or not, pay attention to the normal daily stressors of life and it’s pressures on you as a man. You see, anything that violates or affects one’s masculinity can build up anger and self-conscious feelings that pound upon one’s manhood including sexual or marital pressures and guilts which are common stressors that effect the prostate. The prostate, “the male gland,” represents male issues from insecurity to perfectionism. Deeply healing and releasing buried issues within can improve and even heal the prostate and change a man’s life entirely. What would a really feeling good about yourself do for you and your sex life?

Once you have these experiences they store and fester deep within the subconscious memory (and body) where these memories signal the prostate and other related hormonal glands and organs to overload, exhaust and fail through the dis-ease process. Lastly, negativity (buried emotion) is the worst toxin because your body has to deal with it and respond to it night and day. Over time, these negative memories fueled by normal daily stress and interactions breakdown the prostate.

Men come to me to help them resolve these often buried issues which are now physical memories (talking about them does not resolve them, in fact, it often buries them deeper) and addictive behaviors. Reprogramming these memories with Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, physical and emotional updating, has proven to be effective at restoring the natural healing power of the body to heal and restore the prostate and related functions.

You see, it’s not just the prostate, it’s the entire body that is effected. That’s why taking a pill or getting a surgery doesn’t solve the real problem and why serious problems like prostate cancer doesn’t generally respond well to surgical removal or other medical treatments or other problems arise afterwards. The key to getting well and healing IT, is to resolve the patterns and memories that created the problem in the first place (whether you know what it is or not).

Understand that all dis-ease is a fragmentation of the brain and nervous system’s control over keeping the organs in check (in normal healthy healing function) from deeply suppressed and internalized emotions (negative stress memories) and this is no longer debated, thousands of the world’s top scientists, researchers and doctors agree stress and negative emotions/beliefs change and mutate cells into diseased cells with different diagnoses (names).

My CRT protocol can help clear the energetic pathways to a healthier happier prostate. Contact me below for an appointment in my Los Angeles office.

**This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure or replace medical treatment. Always ask your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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