Food Allergies and CRT

Dr. Doug Gives Us the Lowdown on Celiac Disease

Is Celiac disease aggravated by gluten or mold? Getting celiac disease is a multifactorial process involving poor afferent (nervous system) control of digestion and detoxification and injury to the GI Tract from food-borne mold or pharmaceuticals.

While gluten is involved, the trigger is most commonly man-made chemicals or food-borne mold (Gastroenterology, 2005:128; Townsend Letter for Doctors 2006.). In my experience, as a board certified practitioner of Quantum Medicine, the key is to restore the reciprocal (equal) balance of the nervous system and restore the body’s ability to cleanse and repair the damage done by man-made chemicals or food-borne molds.

We do this in two-ways:

Emotional stress will push the efferents (sympathetic nervous system) and turn off afferent (parasympathetic) control of digestion and detoxification, updating the nervous system’s operating systems is necessary. Negative stress and emotions cause the set point of the nervous system to be like fighting a bear or running from a tiger, thus turning off repair and digestive functions in lieu of survival functions. With years of research, development and clinical practice we have effective techniques that update and balance the nervous system to restore the reciprocal balance and healing systems. As a result of turning of the body’s healing process, you can not only alleviate the symptoms of Celiac Disease you can heal it once and for all.

Addressing the other facet is just as important – ridding the body of man-made chemicals and food-borne mold. How do these get into the body? First realize that most every product you touch or come in contact with is a man-made substance/chemical. A common exposure is pesticides on your food, food processing chemicals in most all packaged, canned, bottled foods, to companies like Monsanto that put Roundup (a herbicide) into genetically modified (GM) food seeds (like corn) which grows into toxic food crops and damages the digestive tract (whole body).

Food-borne molds are indicative of any crop that you don’t eat within 9-10 days of picking, which is about how long most food takes to get to your super market. The crops that are stored for many months become the worst which is grains. Besides the fact that many grains, like wheat, is pre-ground and stored for up to a year, mold growth is rampant. So, it’s not so much gluten, but the mold growing on the gluten (mold food) that is the problem. That’s why you feel better not eating grains, like wheat. They key here is to rid the body of all molds and restore the liver function (bile flow – key digestive juices) which digests your food, restores proper pH (alkalinity) to the intestinal tract, and feed the starving “good” bacterial (commensal) cells necessary for digesting food, making nutrients and eating away molds and man-made chemicals which kill them. NAET therapy has found to be successful in allergy relief.

My CRT protocol with diet, can help alleviate symptoms of celiac and allergies. Contact me today for more information about this incredible healing protocol.

**This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure or replace medical treatment. Always ask your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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