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Turn On Your Power To Heal – Cellular Resonance, the future of medicine

Dr. Doug Lehrer

Cellular Resonance TechniqueTM (CRT) is a neurological-energy based healing and health creating modality that defrags and balances the brain and nervous system that control physical, mental and emotional functions of the body/mind.

Simply, CRT gets the body and mind out of survival and re-establishes the healing frequencies (cellular resonance) necessary for cells to work and communicate with each other.

“In order to have 100% health, you must have 100% function of the communication between and within each cell.”

Dr. Doug Lehrer

Pain and disease is notably caused by stress, which fragments the brain’s communication just like a virus destroys the functions of a computer hard drive. A recent article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) acknowledges that up to 80% of all people going to the hospital their conditions are caused by stress.

CRT locates and updates these relentlessly stuck stress responses stored in the subconscious memory of the brain and the human energy field, which is in charge of embryonic development of the body. Guyton’s medical physiology textbook plainly states that 99% of all functions of the body are controlled via the subconscious mind or memory.

Dr. Doug will be teaching health and wellness practitioners of all kinds these powerful, safe and effective and consistently repeatable skills that can turn on the power of the body, mind and spirit to heal and transform people at the cellular DNA and soul level. And here’s more on how…

When you experience a stressful event, even if it’s the surrounding stress in your family and family lineage, the brain records and continue to react to it. These reactions are part of the survival function of the body known as the adrenal response (flight, fight or flight). As the stress memory builds up it overrides the healing functions of the body, overwhelms the senses and emotions and exhausts the body into pain, depression and sicknesses affecting every aspect of one’s life.

“Adrenal exhaustion is epidemic in our culture and leads to the majority of diagnosed conditions today, including heart attack, cancer, tumors, fibromyalgia, diabetes, stroke, chronic pain and fatigue, sleep disorders and the reality of lack of happiness, prosperity and success…”

Dr. Doug Lehrer

I am one of the leading pioneers of Quantum Medicine (Energy Medicine) that activates the healing systems of the brain, the cells and energy systems – the innovator of CRT. I am sharing my discoveries with naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, alternative medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, oriental medicine doctors, acupuncturists and other health care professionals – and those who would like to take healing into their on hands and serve humanity’s greater good.

My mission is to remove trauma from humankind to create a healthy, peaceful, loving and prosperous world for all people, thus founding the non-profit foundation Rich-In-Health in 2011.


“I am super excited to have these new set of skills – I now have the edge I need to help people I couldn’t before – As a bonus I woke up the last day of class with my clothes fitting looser” ~ Amber Scott, Neuromuscular specialist, Vallejo, CA

“When I was a kid, Dr. Lehrer helped me heal many illnesses and emotional issues, even heal my scoliosis! I’m so excited to learn his Cellular Resonance Technique and bring it to the world” ~ Rebecca Folsom, CPA, San Diego

“Unbelievable experience! I went through a lot of personal growth. I was inspired to learn CRT because Dr. Lehrer was the only doctor that could fix my knee so I can dance professionally again” ~ Leslee Cotlow, San Francisco, CA

“I was so excited to have found a teacher of this discipline who is of integrity and seems truly connected to Source. The course itself was fun, interesting, and inspiring. I was really fired up afterwards to be a practitioner and a health counselor, as I’ve been pursuing this type of work for years. I’ve looked in to Accunect, Bodytalk,Touch for Health, acupressure, and have worked with Epstein and his technologies since 2010, and it seems like this CRT technique is a comprehensive and effective merging of much of it that goes beyond each one. Dr. Doug is charismatic and funny, and I thought his presentation and layout of notes was clear. I am really excited to be a part of his mentorship program and learn much more. ~ Avi Santanz, Pharm.D., San Francisco, CA


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