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What Does It Mean To Become More Conscious?

– Ask Dr. Doug Lehrer

Over the years I have had many of my practice members ask me, “What does is mean to become more conscious? So here I would briefly like to share 3 things about what I understand at this time the meaning “to become more conscious.”

One, to be aware of what is TRULY SO, beyond what the experienced reality may show you is so – what appears real. There is now scientific evidence that we may just live in a computer program – I would like to add how our own consciousness plays a big part in this. I see that our consciousness composed of…

  • what we “think” we perceive
  • what we think we know
  • how we feel (mentally and emotionally)
  • who and what we believe we are (to be or not to be) and…
  • what we continually perceive consciously and unconsciously (the majority of what we feel, think, believe and perceive).

These perceptions about our observed manifested reality actually contributes and changes the creative energy into your body and into your reality… though we are intersecting with everything else that contributes its level of consciousness and unconsciousness (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) into the reality.

Thus, what you perceive is what you get, even if those perceptions are not the God’s truth, you will experience thus believe them as such – and that reinforces the reality as what appears true, and it is true of sorts, though it is a skewed and tarnished version. This is what I see as meant by the parable, “To give up childish things” our co-creative perceptions derived from our fears, judgments and guilt, thus creating an experienced false (Matrix) reality as REAL.

Two, when the unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind are fully integrated into 100% whole brain functioning, thinking, perceiving and experiencing you have raised your levels of consciousness. In the Judeo Christian and Buddhist interpretation this would be to enlighten, or lighten up (dude) – the process that culminates into attaining complete enlightenment.

Three, to have the full multidimensional range, access and illumination of light and sound vibrations that allow you to transcend being stuck in fear, judgment, hate, guilt, and shame, thus resonate in the full bandwidth of Creator’s source energies that allow you to live in alignment with your highest calling of your soul in this life, your true souls path fully manifest. My interpretation here would align with the concept of experiencing Heaven on Earth.

I hope that this will assist you in your path to healing, transformation, awakening and to integrate into the wholeness of your being that I see as why you are here – What you really should be doing, being and having this life for… the Matrix reality would tell you “Get a Job!” And that’s also correct….LOL So, What’s your job? As you raise your level of consciousness, it will change and become more clear. The key is to begin, allow, unlearn, accept, for-give, be-grateful and become (more of who you truly are).

CRT can help unlock the consciousness to align with your higher purpose.

Contact me for more information about my Consciousness Retreats and seminars- or come to my office in LA and get a treatment and find out for yourself!

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