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Dr. Doug Shares the 5 Biggest Destroyers of Your Immune System and What You Can Do About It. Also helps with COVID-19 Recovery

You probably know that a major key to having extraordinary health is a tip-top immune system. But unfortunately most doctors and patients today have no idea how to actually improve immune functions without doing more harm than good.

Just look at recent statistics… “1 in 2 people are being diagnosed with cancer in 2012, when it was only 1 in 20 in 1970, and 1 in 200 in 1920. Did you know that when you have a 100% functioning immune system you can’t get cancer, you don’t get degenerative diseases, nor would you age as fast. So, knowing what damages your immune system and how you can correct it should be a top priority today. And unfortunately most doctors have no idea…

If you have done any one of the following below, it’s important for you to take action upon them…

First, some basic background on the immune system. What exactly is it and what does it do? Your immune system’s primary functions are to cleanse and purify the cells, provide anti-inflammation and protection from pathogens (negative bacteria, yeast, viruses, mold, fungus, and parasites) and from toxins. Once the immune system goes down, your body will go into chronic inflammation, the #1 cause of aging, weight gain and obesity, and degenerative conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease and you become susceptible to cancer, diabetes and the gamut of autoimmune conditions. Do you have any of these now?

25% of the immune system is composed of the lymphatics, rivers of lymph fluids, that watery substance you see when you bleed or pop a zit. The lymphatics are more prodigious then blood vessels, and their purpose is to detoxify the body of toxic build up and fight invaders. When they become stagnant with toxic waste the body will develop recurrent infections, slow healing, premature aging, also developing tumors, cysts, cancer and other diseases. The lymphatics tissues include, lymph nodes, the thymus gland, and breast, liver, spleen and intestinal tissues. The bone marrow that makes lymphocytes (antibodies) called T cells.

75% of the immune system are commensal cells (foreign cells), often called probiotic or micro-biotic cells or gut flora. The commensal cells are the big guns, the artillery, without which the lymphocytes/T cells, which are the ground troops can not work without. The commensal cells also orchestrate communication between all cells, without which the rest of the immune system becomes suppressed and can’t work optimally without them. Commensal cells regulate healing, detoxification and elimination. They are crucial to the making of stem cells, making the millions of needed nutrients, to digest food your food, they are anti-inflammatory in function, and they even code the correct enzymes to break down specific carcinogens and cleanse them from the body.

So, question number one is, “Have you done anything to kill your commensals and stagnate your lympathics?

“Good” bacteria called commensal cells are the key to you having a healthy immune system. They assist with fat burning, anti-aging, digesting, taking away inflammation, cleansing, purifying, and having a clearer brain.

Here are the 5 most common destroyers of immune system and the immune probiotic cells…

  1. Anti-bacterial soap – We’ve been trained to fear, hate and kill germs. However, did you know every part of life on Earth requires these tiny wonders to grow your food and even hold the vital electro-magnetics of the planet in order. Every time you kill bacterial cells with a poison, hey what do you think antibacterial products are anyways? And anything that touches your skin goes inside your body and if it kills outer germs (bacteria) it will kill your inner bacterial probiotic cells. This wipes out 75% of your immune system.
  2. Antibiotics – Antibiotics don’t just kill the bad guys, they kill the good guys too! And guess who’s job it is to kill the bad guys – you got it! It’s the good guy probiotic cells. Did you know that just one round of antibiotics in your lifetime will kill your good guys (probiotic cells) and they won’t come back unless you replace, activate, nourish and energize them. And here’s what really upsetting, the majority of probiotic supplements out there have been proven to NOT replenish the immune system flora per research studies including those at University College of London, by Dr. Stig Bengmark, MD, which state… “Probiotics are at best only transitory,” meaning they die in the gut, nor do they proliferate into the 350 immune strains needed for a body to be healthy and protected.
  3. Processed and GMO foods – processed (packaged) foods contain many different chemical additives, flavors, preservatives, and packaging chemicals, including the plastic and metal containers that can absorb into food. In fact, recently a mortician told me corpses are coming into the mortuary ‘pre-preserved’ from all the chemicals in processed foods. Many prepared processed foods are made for the microwave which kills all nutrients and makes the food product not only indigestible and non-nutritious, it kills the commensals. GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods are not really food, either. The definition of food is “that which nourishes and brings health to the cell.” GMO foods fool the consumer to think they are food, but in fact when you change the genetic sequences to make a vegetable impervious to bugs and frost, and so that they stay looking good at the supermarket for weeks they actually starve and kill commensal cells. GMO foods may look the same, but their genetic and energetic structures can not be transmuted into the 73% of super nutrients unknown by medical science today, and thus starve and kill commensal cells.
  4. Taking a shower – Ah, don’t you just love a good hot shower? Did you know that hot chlorinated water aerosols into chlorine gas, which you breathe into your body. Chlorine gas is carcinogenic. Chlorine gas kills commensal cells and depresses the immune system. Now this problem is simple to fix! I highly recommend getting a reliable shower filter that removes 99%+ of chlorine chemicals. I even have a great shower filter I have used for years in my home, I love it! Having a good shower filter will also yield you softer, younger skin and hair.
  5. Emotional stress – Suppressed and recurring negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs create toxins of mass destruction. The chemicals that your body makes from negativity are lethal and the main of lack of perfect health, happiness and success. Negative emotions acidify the body and the pH kills the probiotic cells. Finding your way to clear out negativity, stress, tension and suppressed emotions and beliefs hidden in the recesses of the subconscious mind spread to your cells is a practice I have had for nearly 30 years. By clearing the negative feelings and beliefs you can reconnect and improve the higher brain control over the immune system and your healing systems. You can then produce the pH ecosystem necessary to support the replenishing of the good bacterial (probiotic cells) super organisms that restore your immune system.

What do you need to do to replenish your gut flora/commensals cells and build strong healthy colonies of 300 strains of commensals to detoxify your toxic exposures, rid pathogens and restore your anti-aging, detoxification, elimination and healing systems?”

Researchers have found that synbiotic type probiotic supplements, pure, raw, uncooked, unprocessed, supercritical CO2 extracted whole “living” plants cultured (similar to wine, soy sauce or yogurt) in an advanced proprietary 4-stage fermentation process have the ability to rebuild the immune system functions. These products are only available by working with a board certified doctor. I am board certified in Quantum Medicine by the American Naturopathic Medical Association. I am accepting qualified applicants to this immune building protocol. Not all applicants are accepted in the program and CRT is an integral part.

Note: Most people are misdiagnosed with bacterial and viral infections because toxicity creates inflammation that imitates infection. Always ask you doctor to do a culture first. However, the following line of thinking is incorrect > to isolate the bad guys and find a poison to kill them. First listen to Louis Pasteur (the guy who originally founded the germ theory) who said this upon his death bed, “It is not the virulence of the bacteria that causes diseases, it is the susceptibility of the host.” This susceptibility is from a compromised immune system – So find out what compromised it, stop it, and fix the real problem – and that is to restore your immune system. A big trick out there is how supplement companies say their products boost the immune system – a clever usage of words, but boost means little – You can stimulate the immune system temporarily, but that inevitably fails because you didn’t restore the immune system probiotic cells 100%, nor did you create the proper environment necessary for them to grow and differentiate into 350 strains to colonize the entire gut.

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