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Dr. Doug Can Help You Get to the Next Level of Your Spiritual Path.

For those on the accelerated path to enlightenment… 

You already know that you are here to evolve your consciousness, be as healthy as possible, and to love and serve with your embodied gifts. You understand that you are an energy or spiritual being undergoing a physical human material experience – and that Everything Is Consciousness.

When you raise your levels of consciousness for ultimate spiritual growth and connect to your higher self and higher guidance you free yourself from the bounds of your fear-based consciousness that is creating your present reality.

If you have already been studying the work of my colleagues Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and perhaps have studied the works of Joel S. Goldsmith, Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys),  Ra Uru Hu (Human Design) and Transcendental Meditation (T.M.)… You are likely ready to radically shift to your next level and transform yourself and your reality. And become truly free to be and express who you truly are at a higher level of consciousness. There is nothing like it!

“Live the greatest version of yourself and your life you were meant to live. My Cellular Resonance program can do that.”

– Dr. Doug Lehrer

The first step is to unwind and transform faulty consciousness patterns and shadow sides of self stopping you from rapidly evolving in this lifetime. And to further align to your highest purpose, love and prosperity.

Come join us to heal and resolve your…

  • Primary physical pain and/or health conditions stopping you from being the vital, fit and extraordinary healer you are!
  • Money issues keeping you from the financial abundance and freedom you deserve!
  • Past traumas and stress patterns in the way of your most attuned intuition, healing talents and success capacities.
  • Core wound that pervades and shows up everywhere in your life.
  • More fully align with your higher self and soul’s purpose.
  • Stop your ego from running your life, surrender more into your heart and love/wisdom; Your true power of attraction/manifestation!
  • Past relationships that interfere with you embodying your highest level of the Love Frequency and creating harmonious loving relationships.
  • Be your true self; free to express who you truly are and your highest Truth; Patient’s love this in a doctor/practitioner and it sets you apart from the rest!
  • Raise your levels of consciousness and energy – vital to the healing principle “higher heals lower.”

Further, you will learn many self-healing, hands-on healing practices to further your upgrading consciousness with your consciousness raising partner whom you bring to this unique and extraordinary evolutionary healing program.

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