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Join Dr. Doug as he helps you find and keep the love you deserve!

Ready for a fresh start in your relationships? Would you like to put an end to unhealthy toxic relationship patterns? Would you like to attract a nourishing, blissful and thriving relationship?

– Dr. Doug Lehrer

You already know how challenging, traumatic and stressful relationships can be. And how relationships leave traumatic physical, mental and emotional residue, including physical and emotional pain, depression, anxiety and most dis-ease conditions.

Relationships are the number one thing that can severely affect your health, happiness and success – and pre-maturely age you and diminish your well-being.

Ready to erase and clear the past from your body, mind, and soul-spirit? Heal your past relationships at the VITAL physical, mental and emotional levels. Married or in a relationship? Come with your partner to heal and transform past mistakes, decisions, blocks and upheavals. Get a fresh new start together! Or bring the kids and make it a beautiful family vacation that lasts all the way home for years to come.

Book your Relationship Detox Retreat in beautiful California today!

  • Heal your core wound and family traumas that sabotage you from having truly enjoyable, loving and harmonious relationships.
  • Embody a higher truer version of yourself and your heart consciousness.
  • Get in charge of your most deadly emotions – and expand your ability to give and receive love unconditionally.
  • Transform your relationship patterns with men, women, your children and family members.
  • Clear your relationship fears including those of abandonment, sex, intimacy, abuse, right and wrong, guilt, shame, rejection, commitment and trust.
  • Become a better lover, communicator and the ability to express your higher-self intentions.
  • Activate your heart – and ability to connect more deeply to yourself and your partner.
  • Remove the underlying barriers from attracting your ideal life partner.
  • Improve your sexual functions.
  • Turn on your fat burning hormones to lose the weight in all the right places – and look and feel 10-15 years younger and energized.
  • Go home much healthier and happier than you’ve been in years, potentially.

Truly wash away the past on all levels and open the path to a whole new world of love and connection.


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