CRT and Quantum Medicine Secrets

Everything is ENERGY – The Secrets to Creating Something Different in Your Life

Would you like to be in total charge of your health, well-being and life? Are you ready for something different to show up?

-Dr. Doug Lehrer

If you said, YES, know that your degree of health, happiness and prosperity are all dependent upon one thing, “Your Energy.” You see, your health and well-being are all effects of what interferes with you at the energetic level. Here’s how science understands how it works…

Simple, matter is made of molecules, groups of atoms like water is Hydrogen and Oxygen combined. Your body is made of atoms – and those atoms are made of electrical particles called electrons, protons and neutrons and those are made of smaller particles of matter called quirks and quarks and they are made of smaller and smaller particles until we finally find “nothing, but energy.” So, Everything REALLY IS ENERGY!

You are energy and your body is manifest energy. In science, we call your body’s energy, bio-photons of light (light is energy, let there be light) and the whole of your energy is called the “Quantum Energy Field.” This is indicative of being light or an energy being. Interestingly, spirit is also made of energy, thus, we could call you a spirit being or spiritual being then. You are a spiritual being (energy being) having a living physical experience. A “state of energy beingness materialized in physical form and structure having a physical experience called YOUR LIFE.”

So, have you ever wondered why you have disease conditions, pain, depression, allergies, whatever? Understanding that everything is derived of or originated from energy – health or pain and disease, slender or overweight, sluggish or energized, happy or sad (depressed), loved or abandoned, beauty or the beastly (ugly), money or no money (poverty, strife), relationship bliss or drama and divorce, slavery or freedom, lack or prosperity – it all begins with what’s going on in your energy, which I call your “state of energy beingness.”

My desire for you is to manifest wellness, phenomenal relationships and incredible “wealth of self” abundance. The more you participate, the more you will discover how to bring forth an interference free and clear vibrational energy in the form of consciousness. The more you raise and balance your energetic consciousness, the greater your health, happiness and life will be generating prosperity wellness. The stress of everyday living, subsides with this self-care.

Why is NOW the TIME to DO it? You probably have already noticed our bodies and world are changing fast. We are going through massive changes and the unknown and unconscious are being revealed to us where it has been secretly and conveniently tucked away…

Dr. Doug Lehrer

I am here to help you, breakthrough those secrets, you don’t have to get a disease, unknowingly poison yourself or go broke medically managing it. You no longer have to be unhappy, unfulfilled or trapped in a physical reality you don’t want to be in! All you must do is make new and different choices that create greater awareness and do the things that remove the energy interference as you learn how to vibe at a whole new level – Then you will transform your body and life into something different perhaps even beyond your what you ever thought possible. “READY…let’s do this!”

**This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure or replace medical treatment. Always ask your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.


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