Wellness retreat


Dr. Doug’s retreat seminars are perfect to bring you to a new level of health and healing!

A personalized healing retreat you, where both you and your family or group can book a program to fit your specific health conditions, issues and desired outcomes. The future is bright and life changing!

Retreats are in Los Angeles… OR you can book a private retreat in exotic locales for your family or business group.  

  • Individuals, families, or groups
  • 4-day and 7-day private retreats 
  • Discover, treat and resolve the primary cause of your specific health condition
  • Improve your brain plasticity, hormones, metabolism and total cellular functions
  • Heal trauma, stress, wounding and suppressed emotional patterns
  • Learn how to activate your innate healing power
  • Heal past relationships and broken-hearts
  • Clear success, prosperity and money blocks
  • Connect deeper to your spiritual center, loving nature, and soul’s purpose
  • Discover your unique right-for-you nutrition and lifestyle regime!

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