Dr. Doug Lehrer


Dr. Doug can help you unlock your greatest healing potential…….


Dr. Doug Lehrer

Our EVOLUTIONARY MEDICINE care programs are designed to help you discover, heal and resolve the bottom-line causes of your physical and emotional health conditions, traumas and life issues which deeply affect you in every aspect of life.

Often people don’t even realize that the very thing causing their physical and emotional pain, symptoms and conditions are unconsciously controlling most of their other issues in their lives…

Thus, each of our care programs are designed to unravel your unique situation giving you the opportunity to get unstuck… and profoundly turn on your innate power to heal and transform your body and emotions. Our goal is for you to flourish in every aspect of your being and life. 

As you may have already discovered, it’s vital to treat the true underlying interference creating your health issues and/or blocking your desired goals at the cellular, subconsious mind-memory and soul energetic levels. As these 3 determine how your health, happiness and success in life show up.

  1. You may have already tried western medicine only to have another symptom or old symptoms returning. Or suffering the negative side-effects of such…
  2. You may have tried many alternative healing modalities that haven’t got you completely well because they haven’t treated the deeper causes of your issues…
  3. You may even gone to the popular personal development courses, done psychotherapy or hired a personal coach of some kind…
  4. But now you are ready to take the correct steps from what’s truly blocking you from elevating to your highest level of health, happiness and success that you rightfully deserve!

READY TO LEAP? … WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR HEALING COMMUNITY! Make a personal appointment with me today!

Dr. Doug

Choose from ourworld-class Evolutionary Healing seminar retreats on our contact page as well!

Our patients/clients come from all over the world to Los Angeles, California to heal, transform and upgrade to their next level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. And to live a more aligned and higher level of purpose, love and prosperity in their lives.

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