Total Success Reboot Seminar


Have the rewarding career you were meant to, the CRT Lifestyle by Dr. Doug Lehrer

Is day-to-day stress and workload pressure causing you burn-out? Are you tired of making sacrifices you really don’t need to make anymore, but can’t figure out how to change them?

What if your job/career was fun and invigorating? You could be naturally prospering and fully aligning with your deeper purpose.

What if you could find a way to transition to a higher level of work satisfaction?

Ready to reboot your inner and outer game? 

  1. Harv Ecker, author of “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” states, “Your Inner Game determines your Outer Game (of success)”.

The Total Success Reboot is the only program that focuses specifically on finding the true underlying, often hidden, patterns  affecting and limiting you.

Just like updating computer software by adding more memory, this CRT seminar shows you how to reboot the hard-drive to a higher level of function. The Total Success Reboot similarly upgrades your Brain and your Heart.

“After 15 years in business, my company with 36 employees was months away from bankruptcy. At age 41, I was overweight, smoking a pack a day, and had no good relationships with women. I hired Dr. Doug to overhaul my mind, body and inner saboteur. 120 days out my business was out of the red and I attracted a great new relationship that’s lasted for years. A year into Dr. Doug’s healing program I could afford to buy and redesign an amazing office building, trimmed down the weight, improved my habits, energy and focus, quit smoking, and tripled my business. Now I am working with Dr. Doug to help me leap to my NEXT LEVEL!” – Troy H. Costa Mesa, California

You already know how challenging being a business professional can be. One wrong decision or action can sabotage your business and create even more stress. Keeping you from living the prosperous, deeply satisfying and successful life you were truly meant to live.

Medical research further acknowledges “Executive Stress Syndrome” or “Burn-Out Syndrome” as a leading cause of heart, liver and kidney diseases, adrenal exhaustion, chronic pain, cancer, sexual dysfunction and other life-destroying dis-ease conditions…

Clear away what’s stopping you from your ultimate inner/outer game of health, happiness and success…often, it’s not what you think it is.

Book your Total Success Reboot Retreat in beautiful California today!

  • Activate healing of your physical health conditions affecting your ability to perform at your highest level!

  • Resolve hidden fears of failure, success or lack.

  • Clear  blockages to being your higher greatest version of yourself.

  • Elevate your emotional intelligence deemed as one of the 3 top traits of today’s successful business person.

  • Align yourself with your soul’s true success journey.

  • Say goodbye to self sabotage.

  • Let go of  core wound trauma effecting your professional life.

  • Clear  money, abundance or prosperity blocks – the real cause may shock you!

  • Comprehend the most powerful key to success – expanding your ability to give and receive love.

  • Radically improve your confidence.

  • Breakthrough the barriers of alignment goals – a real game changer!

  • Improve your ability to express yourself and your intentions.

  • Improve your intuition – another top level success skill vital today.

  • Improve body-image and sex hormone functions – upgrade your mojo!

  • Activate your fat burning anti-aging hormones to look and feel years younger, energized and focused to boom your biz.

  • Go home healthier and happier than you’ve been in years.

Get ready to wash away past failures and business stress patterns on all levels. Are you ready to open the path to a whole new world of success, self-mastery and the love, wisdom and soul?

Dr. Doug can help with career success can help you- contact him, below TODAY!


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