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Dr Doug says: Lose Belly Fat with CRT

CRT Can Help Stubborn Belly Fat

weight loss

The secret to losing belly fat is to KNOW that You don’t lose weight to get healthy – “You must GET HEALTHY to lose the weight and BURN belly fat.”

Getting Healthy involves KNOWING what caused you to lose HEALTH and what you need to do to RESTORE it. You see, to be in a healthy state, you must regain the damaged functions of your body (brain, organ, endocrine and nervous systems). So, if you want to lose stubborn belly fat and/or weight and keep it off…
To Regain 100% Health > You must Restore 100%  body Function.
This is where many people get confused. Most people have been brainwashed to count calories, starve themselves, exercise (wrong). It’s a complex mixture of mind and body, clearing out, healing and aligning. 
They end up gaining most if not all of the weight back, because they end up damaging their body and health in the process, even MORE than before!
When you focus on restoring your health CORRECTLY by dealing with the causes directly, you can restore METABOLISM – the rate at which you burn energy (FAT).  Sure, what you eat is important, correct exercise too, however, addressing the REAL causes can be accomplished by CORRECTLY restoring the functions which regulate fat burning and anti-aging hormones.
This cannot be accomplished with drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements or even, surgeries because the problems will return. You probably know someone that happened to, right?
If you are sick and tired of failed attempts to lose belly fat, difficult starts, not being able to tone your body or change your body shape with diets and exercise or having unstoppable cravings to sugar, carbs (bread, pasta, cake, donuts), processed foods, chocolate or salt – The key is to let go of things (old paradigms) that don’t work (you’ve probably already tried them all) and learn what is truly creating your body image and change them now.
As a very different kind of doctor, I assure you, that you don’t have to starve yourself or exercise for hours a day, however, you must do something DIFFERENT.
This information won’t likely appear in your favorite magazines or on the 10:00pm news!
Review: Secret Cause #1 is knowing how to NATURALLY improve the function of your body > to get healthy > to lose belly fat, weight, tone and reshape your body. This will make you look and feel younger than you have in years because your body has restored all of it’s functions including turning on HEALING functions of your body, therefore improving beauty, aging, energy and longevity.
Contact me about my belly fat/body change tele-seminars or schedule an appointment with Dr. Doug- today to experience the amazing results of Cellular Resonance Technique, yourself!
**This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure or replace medical treatment. Always ask your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program  

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