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Cellular Resonence

Uncover and Resolve Stress Traumas Affecting Your Physical and Emotional Health.

Are you looking for a safe and effective solution to improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing?

If you’ve struggled to find a way to solve your health issues, it’s not your fault. All traditional doctors are treating the symptoms and the diagnosis rather than being a good detective and figuring out why you started to suffer at the first place.
Here are three medical facts (reasons) that help to explain it.


Landmark patient studies have found diagnostic error is common. In the Harvard Medical Practice Study, 70% to 77% were preventable errors and a systematic review of autopsies found 40% to 49% of patients had an undetected, major diagnostic error. Thus, contributing to thousands of deaths.


Because of routine diagnostic error, many doctors in both traditional allopathy and naturopathy fail to find, treat and heal the underlying causes of pain, chronic illness and immune compromise.  This is where Cellular Resonance is needed most!


Prominent Research studies (and frankly common sense) confirms that suppressed emotions, with the adage of environmental toxins are a compelling factor in stress, fatigue and chronic disease.  

There are powerful health solutions that will find and resolve stress, trauma and suppressed emotions at the cellular, subconscious and soul levels. Cellular Resonance helps the “Whole You.”

The KEY Is Getting 100% Healthy.

Once you get the above stressors cleared out, your body recharges and activates your soul’s innate healing powers that naturally cleanse, repair and rejuvenate.
Importantly, Dr. Lehrer does not cure or heal you because no doctor or healer can do that!  He uses Cellular Resonance to help update and balance brain, nervous and soul energy systems that control cellular function. This is comparable to updating corrupt or outdated software programs in your computer for optimization!
Dr. Leher is an expert who understands what you’re truly going through and will help you on your health discovery process.

Trauma, stress, suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs and toxicity get your brain, body and emotions stuck in survival mode, as if you were fighting or running from tigers 24/7. This overloads, exhausts and mutates your cellular functions into chronic symptoms, pain and dis-ease conditions.

Solve your health blocks, permanently! Dr. Lehrer has solved his own pain, injuries and chronic health issues.  He has also treated over half a million patients with is Cellular Resonance Technique.
Patients have come struggling from chronic pain syndromes, sports injuries, depression, anxiety, PTSD, auto-immune, neurological and hormonal imbalances, children’s health issues, and serious health issues.  But more than that, many have come to evolve and expand their soul purpose.  This means they also found relief and reward in areas of personal relationships, love and prosperity.
That’s exactly what you’ll get at our Wellness Center in Brentwood Los Angeles. Dr. Lehrer specializes in providing high-level energy / functional medicine solutions to his patients. He has synthesized neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum sciences, chiropractic, cranial-sacral, acupressure, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, advanced microbiome nourishment, universal principles and ancient secrets into his proprietary Cellular Resonance Quantum Medicine.  We know what works!

How to create magnificent health, happiness and total wellbeing for the entire family.

Are you ready to end the frustration created by non-relenting symptoms of chronic physical and emotional conditions? We can help you, help yourself and your children to live in the highest level of health, happiness and well-being learn the secrets here… 

What stressful relationship experiences are still affecting you and your health today?

Are there blocks in your health, money, career and even in living your truth? It’s critical to make sure you are not still carrying this load deep inside your body. It’s your choice and opportunity to heal and resolve family, friend and relationship issues at the subconscious, cellular and soul levels. Relationship seminar….

Evolutionary Medicine, the Next Frontier...

Initially, when I started my quantum medicine healing practice, people sought me out for healing the gamut of chronic pain and injury conditions. Though we were tremendously successful in helping patients  with the toughest pain syndromes- something deeper was happening to them on all levels of their body and being… learn more about Dr. Doug here.
fibromyalgia and CRT

#1 Secret to Longevity and QUANTUM!

Dr. Paul Yanick founded QUANTUM MEDICINE –the only field of medicine addressing the quantum domain of cell polarity by nourishing and restoring the Inner Physician-Microbiome (Gut Flora and Ecosystem) function. Dr. Yanick is Dr. Doug Lehrer’s mentor. Find out more about how Dr. Doug has advanced these quantum concepts….


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